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Inkoleko2Educate is a newly formed youth owned company. The company offers expert advice and training for organisational capacity development. Our focus is on the delivery of Human Resource Development interventions with particular emphasis on Skills Training, SMME Development and organisational development.

Our company is founded on the basis of our passion for skills development and the need to increase the capacity and skills of our stakeholders in order to contribute to a vibrant economy and productive organisations.

"We are passionate about increasing skills to drive social mobility"

To provide best practices in strategic Human Capital Development, Organisational Performance and effectiveness, efficient training solutions, by:

  • Providing a holistic approach to training and development
  • Utilising the best talent in the industry either in-house or from our network of partners;
  • Assuring the sustainability of these solutions by building organisational capacity;

Being a values-driven professional services company organisation committed to adding value, and providing practical and relevant solutions through uncompromising professionalism.

This is underpinned by our core values, which are:

  • To create, nurture and value our partnership with clients, alliance partners and associates.
  • Being passionate about creating "out of box" human resource development solutions.
  • Striving to continuously innovate and improve our product and service offerings to ensure we remain relevant.
  • Being committed to empowering ourselves and our clients in contributing to improved workplace performance and organisational effectiveness.